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Tax Planning, Preparation & Advice

An integrated approach to taxes

Our tax professionals and portfolio managers work together to provide a unified a tax strategy that is informed by your investment strategy.

We work with you to help you understand the drivers of your tax situation both now and in the context of your estate plan.

Our tax professionals have deep experience in trusts, partnerships and other vehicles.

What We Do:

Tax Preparation

We prepare and file tax returns for individuals, families, partnerships, businesses and trusts.

Trust Returns

We have a long history of preparing all manner of trust returns, including irrevocable, insurance, grantor, GST-exempt and charitable remainder trusts. Trust beneficiaries who are clients receive K-1s in a timely fashion for their individual returns.

Tax Payments & Estimates

You can remove tax payments from your to-do list, as we can make quarterly estimated and final tax payments on behalf of our clients.

Tax Planning

Your tax professional and portfolio manager confer about your particular tax situation, often making adjustments as the year progresses. We create tax projections to help you to plan.

Part of your Financial Team

Each tax client works with a dedicated tax professional in addition to their portfolio management team. We take pride in our secure in-house systems we use to prepare each and every return. If you have any questions, we are always here to answer them for you.

“At Howland, we don’t just work for you, but rather with you, to ensure you understand how your tax return affects your personal finances.”

Carolyn Beatty, Co-Chair of the Tax Department

Frequently Asked Questions

I feel like I am paying too much in taxes. Can you help?

Yes, we can. The majority of our portfolios are taxable, so we are very sensitive to the effect of our investment strategies on taxes. Both through the investments we make and the management of your portfolio, we can help to defer, decrease, or eliminate tax burdens, where possible. As we do with all clients, we will integrate the expertise of our tax department into the management of your assets.

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